Meet our Sponsors

Meet Our Sponsors

Roller Derby is an expensive sport.  So many of these costs are skater funded, with halls to book, skates and safety gear to buy.  We also travel miles to compete with teams all over the UK and ever further afield.  The higher we climb in the European rankings the further we have to travel to play, and all that travelling adds up.

Although Swansea City Roller Derby subsidise our team travel to minimise these costs, without the help of our sponsors this would prove impossible.

If you follow the links on the left you can head over to their websites and check them out (please mention SCRD when you do) but below is a bit more detail about who they are and what they do.

If visiting them keep an eye out for the 'Proud to support SCRD' poster.

Harcourt Colour Print – One of our newest sponsors.  Harcourt have been printing our programmes for a couple of years now and have now come on board as our new kit sponsor.  They still print all of our programmes and posters and are responsible for our banner outside Cwrt Herbert.

CTS Engineering – This small IT support company based in Port Talbot have provided us with numerous services since they got involved in late 2013.  They are responsible for the video clips in the media section, they have lent us projectors and IT equipment for our scoreboards and now provide the hosting for our website. 

Roller Derby Shop – As South Wales’ first specialist Roller Derby supplier, Roller Derby Shop have been on board with us more or less since the start. We are lucky enough to have a store within reaching distance to be able to grab anything to suit our derby needs, and if we are feeling lazy they deliver too! You can see them at every home game of ours.

Polestone Support - Where we would be without Polestone? They are an amazing organisation providing help for adults with learning difficulties. They’ve been with us from the very beginning, we couldn’t ask for a more supportive sponsor.   

Threshold Property – They have been supporting us since 2013.  A great estate agent who deal with both letting and sales. 

The Office - New for 2016!  We have had an unofficial link to Swansea's greatest rock bar for years but now its all official.  The office provide us with a venue for our pub quiz and after parties.  Follow them on facebook to keep up to date with all the live music they put on every weekend.

CMO Recruitment - Another new sponsor for 2016!  CMO have been advertising with us in our programmes but have now decided to take on sponsorship of the penalty box.  If you're looking for a job then click the link the left and let them do the leg work for you.


And finally.

Not an official sponsor (yet) but we quite literally wouldn't get anywhere without Globe Coaches. They provide all of our transport to get us to our away games, whether we are taking just a bare bones team or a whole host of Refs/NSOs and fans, they have a coach to fit us.  The drivers are great, (we particularly like Nev) very friendly and patient, derby games have a habit of over running!

Also a special mention the Centre for Business and Social Action.  They lend us the projector we use on game day and have lent us their mini bus to get the team around.  Thanks guys!



Thank you to all of the above.  Without you, running this league would be a lot harder.  


Our Sponsors


Site thanks to: CTS Engineering

All photos courtesy of: Stine Kiran